Ada Binks

Handmade acrylic jewellery


About me

Acrylic jewellery inspired by 20th century design hand made in Brighton


Jewellery addict


I've always been crazy about jewellery, I love looking at it, making it and above all wearing it!  I started out making jewellery to satisfy my own cravings, then friends started wearing my work and it's spiralled from there! It's always gratifying to wear something you've made, but even better than that is when someone else wants to wear something you've created!

What's your dream piece?


Need the perfect pair of earrings to complement that retro outfit? Always wanted a custom made statement necklace? I'm always happy to work with customers to create their perfect piece of acrylic jewellery! I can adapt colours on existing designs, or create something unique.  

Visit Ada Binks at Snoopers Attic


You can now visit my space at the amazing Snoopers Attic in Brighton!!

The Attic is a collective of makers and purveyors of vintage, nestled just above the iconic Snoopers Paradise on Kensington Gardens in Brighton. Along side my jewellery you can find a bounty of vintage treasures! Always worth a visit if you’re in the area!!

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